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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bricks Galore!

Went to a yearly LEGO exhibition in Santa Clara, CA. It was held in one of the Hyatt Regency's ballroom and it was packed with super enthusiastic kids and their parents - and later on with very tired kids and their tired parents.
Lots of custom models built by children and grown ups were exhibited on long tables. All sorts of reconstituted scenes: battles, medieval castles and villages, magic worlds, Roman Empire and more. I imagined all those Lego builders, working in their homes, for days, months, surrounded by Lego pieces. Of course there were also a vendors' zone, [but not many - I was surprised] , who sell the famous "hard to find pieces" and the old LEGO models one cannot find in stores anymore. The Ali Baba cave.

Cyber City (Detail)
I really enjoyed was "Cyber City", a large installation of buildings, streets, highways, train, shops, vehicles, lights, screens, billboards, music. With lots of mini-figures. Some references to Sheppard Fairey and Blade Runner and certainly more. Really cool.

Other scenes

The inside of a castle


Bulk for sale by the pound

Bricks By The Bay
"A celebration of LEGO as an artistic medium and hobby for Northern California

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