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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Billboard Art Project in Nashville, April 2: Images II

All photos: Kerry Woo

Here are some photos of the billboards taken in Nashville by Kerry Woo - this time with my "Defragmentation" series. I really like the way this ephemeral event was documented by The Billboard Art Project. Now it's gone. I've got photos of the whole series of images that were shown on the billboards.

There is something really interesting going on between the sky getting darker, the structure of the billboard itself, the shimmering silver and the black of the images blending in the structure of the billboard.

This series of photos does not provide the context of the town, the signs, all the visual and very interesting "noise" around the billboard, which works beautifully for my series "Signs" (which totally plays with the surroundings).
If the surroundings were documented in the photos, then I think the same series of images could be used in different cities, because the context changing, then the photos would show different perspectives, different juxtapositions. That would enrich a series each time it would be shown in a different place.

The Billboard Art Project

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