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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Books / Projects / Flowers / Devastation / Kids

Nice memories of my last stay in San Diego (when I was installing "Defragmentation"): at Janine's, a beautiful wall of familiar books!

After finishing my series "Alice", I wonder which book I will work on/with next.

I have lots books in France that I did not take when I moved to the U.S. I do not buy books anymore, or very few. I enjoy going to the public library very often, at least twice a week. I borrow as many books as the family wants without having to think where to put them once we've read them. I've changed. I like more and more the idea of sharing books and not necessarily having them forever.

Just finished a proposition for a call concerning an Art and Environment prize with a friend. Whatever happens, it was great to work on it together, very interesting collaboration!

I cannot believe the devastation in the world right now. Impossible not to think about it. And then what to do? Thinking about it and being helpless. Seeing what I am enjoying each day as something pretty silly while there is so much suffering. I see amazing flowers when I run in the morning and at the same time I am thinking about I've just heard on the radio - pretty much all about devastation.

The kids are drawing like crazy. We do not have TV but how could they not know? They talk in class about the news, which is good I think. They ask questions at home, we talk.
They draw monsters.
They play all sorts of battles.
It's their age too, I suppose.

Just finished two series of images for the Billboard Art Project, one is directly related to what is happening in the Arab world right now. The other series is the continuation of the exploration of the road signs, using arrows. I loved working on both series, and I cannot wait to see the "result" in the streets of Savannah, Georgia. I will not be there, hopefully the event will be as well documented as the previous one in Nashville.


Jane is a said...

You are running now?

Michele Guieu said...

Yes! I started two months ago - a friend made me try - and I really like it! Now I run 4 times a week - (approximately 10 miles total). It feels great the whole day. Tomorrow is my second "official" 5K race:)