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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CCA WATTIS / Graduate Open Studios / Fine Arts / Picks

I spent a few hours visiting the studios - and there were lots of them and I did not see them all! Here are some picks of some of my favorite works. I found some of the artists' websites, so I put some links. It was an intense but refreshing visit. A great variety of paths, worlds, solutions and material. I enjoyed the moment very much.

Mik Gaspay's studio
(A piece about Ted Williams - the once cryogenized baseball player)

Jordan Adair Stephens

Nicole Markoff

Carol Koffel

Jonathan Runcio

Maria Torres - amazing toilet paper dresses!

I do not remember in which studio I saw this!

Katelyn Eichwald

Victoria DeBlassie (orange peels sewed together - a wonderful smell!)

Meghan Urback

Elisabeth Dorbad

David Paul Sandoval...

His great karaoke piece!

Sarah Hotchkiss

Cara Levine

Performance on the patio

"The Score Keepers"

Helene Schlumberger

Ann Schnake

Nancy Novacek

Courtney Johnson

Radka Pulliam

Mark Benson (people looking down his studio from a ladder)

Yes, there were puppies (see his website)!

Marylene Y. Camacho

Neil Ledoux

Madiha Siraj

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts
San Francisco


Lori said...

Wow, it was 28 years ago that I was a graduate student there, formerly known as CCAC.

Maybe I should have waited.

I wonder if my work would have been better working in a drywalled, dry, warm studio, in San Francisco.

No use wondering, my experience was exceptional, and they probably won't except me now.

Thanks for sharing, it's nice to wonder.

Michele Guieu said...

I did not know you studied there! What a great place! I talked to a few of the graduates, I've got a very positive feeling, although they were all pretty tired with the preparation for the open studios. Lots of work is being done, it's a bee hive in there!
It's inspiring for sure -
Why would not you be accepted? On the contrary I think!

Lori said...

It is a very different school from when I was there. My studio space was a shared shed behind the gallery in Oakland. I have never been to the SF campus, but the schools seems so corporate now. I am sure people still get a great education. That experience would be different. I fit in less and less into the corporate art world, which I love, and sometimes regret.

Michele Guieu said...

It is true that the students seem to have access to a lot of equipment, specially for video work which is great for them as they can really explore today's tools. At the same time the studios are fairly small and do not look like luxurious spaces at all.

What was interesting to realize is that in the Design and Architecture department the students have much more collective space.
In the fine arts department the students works individually in their space but do not really have large spaces to work together or put works together. May be that did not change so much through the years, I don't know.

My school in Paris looked a lot like the Design and Architecture department at Wattis. Lots of collective space. I was not in Fine Art where the students has individual studios, I was always working in "shared" space (specially for the video/photo/computer equipment) - which I loved.