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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ocean, Waves, Forest and Mist: Enjoying the outdoors in the Bay Area

Thursday: Half Moon Bay Beach

Half Moon Bay state beach is gorgeous but the ocean dangerous (and very cold right now). It's a wonderful sight, the sand stretches for miles and the cliff is almost not constructed. Took lots of pictures and video footage for upcoming video I am working on.

Friday: Santa Cruz

The beach in Santa Cruz, along Beach Street. Looking toward the boardwalk.

Watching the experimented surfers at Steamer Lane (off West Cliff Drive). It is the most famous and one of the most dangerous surf spot in the area. From the cliff the spectacle is amazing

This surfer jumped off the cliff with his board a minute after I took the photo. He landed just at the right place to wait for the next wave (otherwise the paddling is pretty long from the rocky beach). Apparently he is not the only one to do this. It looks crazy from above, specially because some of the waves come crashing into the cliffs.

Looking at Steamer Lane, from the sidewalk.
Foreground: the fence is engraved with the names of the surfers who died in Santa Cruz and not only at Steamer Lane. Background right: the cliff from where some of the surfers jump into the ocean. I've read the place can be really crowded with people watching, it was not the case last Friday, fortunately.

The Santa Cruz Surf Museum.

A walk on West Cliff Drive, going toward Natural Bridges State Beach. Enjoying a wide range of changing shades of silver at the end of the day.

Saturday: Castle Rock State Park

A 5 mile hike, a nice overcast weather, with soft light and contrast.

Hiking along the ridge.

Finding a cicada.

A hut near Goat Rock.

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Lori said...

I remember going there, and we were freezing even in the middle of summer. It is beautiful!