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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Since I moved From San Diego

"Defragmentation: Rearranging Bits and Pieces
of Memory" (detail) solo show @ Project X Art

Childhood, womanhood, memories, travels, signs...

Installation, paintings, drawings, video, jpegs, photos, digital prints...

Exploration, exploration - I am enjoying the path!
There are no frontier and no boxes.

Sometimes I miss San Diego - the good conversations. I can still have some on the phone! But of course seeing people is the best. And sometimes I am not missing it. Being here gives me another perspective and although the majority of the projects I worked on since I've left were San Diego based, I am working on developing a new network here. It takes time, I just have to be patient - which I am not very much!

I love working on my videos, I really started to do that here, when I was working on my exhibition "Defragmentation". Taking video classes (even if I was not on campus very often and I am doing almost everything online) is awesome!

The Billboard Art Project in Nashville
60 images for the series "Signs".

Using "Defragmentation"
60 images for the Billboard Art Project

I am trying to work on something new each time I participate in a show. Except for the series of paintings "Defragmentation" that I used a second time for the Billboard Art Project. The temptation was too big to reinterpret the images and to see them in another context, outdoor, in public, on large scale, and on top of it: lit!

Timeline (part of the installation "Defragmentation)

Celebrating Womanhood @ The Front

What Women Want @ The Lyceum Theatre

The Fort - Children building a Fort for Fairies

Behind The Glass - I just re-edited that video
(I removed a piece of music at the end)

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