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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What's next?

Changing scale

Last week I met some very interesting people. It was the first week in years I had so much time on my hands due to the fact that my children are in a summer camp.

I was excited about having all that time and I was sure I would paint and work on my images a lot, because I have a lot of projects that are waiting. But that is not what had happened. At the same time I know that I must take some time to contact people and that’s what I did.

After the excitement of the opening of my solo exhibition came various thoughts and in them, doubts and questions. Doubts about what I am doing and questions about what I will do next.

I have another solo show next year at the San Diego Art Institute and I am already thinking about what I will do. I am very excited about it.

I am thinking about transforming a space. To make it mine temporarily: to do something which will be partially erased in the end. I would like to work on another scale. It could be a mixed of temporary elements (direct painting on the wall) and element which are not (paintings on panels).

I missed Julien Colombier’s exhibition at Art Produce but I really like the photos I saw. I also like very much what Iana Quesnell just did for the Centro Cultural de Tijuana: a whole piece which takes the entire room. I also found very interesting the work by Jean Lowe at the California Center for the Arts, in “Innocence is questionable”, where she installed a whole group of paper mache furniture including a false carpet on the floor and paintings on the wall. I was delighted to walk in the psychedelic rooms of Murakami's show at the MOCA last November.

I like the idea of changing a room, to take it over. I like to see my work “on the wall’ but I see the limitation of that. I would like to transcend it, to go beyond. I also would like to show the work in progress to the people who come to see the show. I was thinking that if I have a project with a gallery, I could start the project and work for days even when the show opens and be done by the time the opening reception happens. That would be excellent. I would love to do that.

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