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Monday, July 7, 2008

Photos at the San Diego Art Institute

"Here it's Peace", views of the exhibition at the San Diego Art Institute

I meet with fellow artist Ricardo Messenger at the SDAI to get some pictures he took at the reception of my solo show. When we are there he takes some more pictures. It’s nice to see the show and to talk about the paintings, the digital prints and art in general: we have a very animated conversation.

He says he likes my blog and especially the posts where I describe something my kids do. He says it is so simple and spontaneous. He is not the first person to tell me that. I am very interested by what happens in the moments where the children seem to do just what they feel like doing and usually with what is available to them: very simple materials.

I know pretty much what I want before I start painting. Things happen in the making of each piece but I have the main idea before starting. Also I use sophisticated materials – which are in general made for the painter: canvas, stretch bars, acrylic paint. Sometimes I wonder if all of these things are really needed, especially when I watch my children doing wonders with masking tape. There is a humility I like when an artist uses low key material, things people use in their everyday lives.

I eliminated frames from my work a long time ago – partly because of this reason: the frame says “look at the art, it is framed, it means it is important and beautiful”. Frames accentuate the distance between the art and the viewer.

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