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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Computer crash

Camargue, France, december 2007

The computer crashed a few days ago and it is still not repaired (some functions, like getting the mail and internet access are still working). It is interesting because the computer cannot see two of the major disks and so, although all the files are there (now we know that!), we don’t have access to them. At first we thought everything was lost because there was really nothing anywhere. And the weird thing was, the backup disk disappeared too. I could not believe it was possible but I remained very calm. I thought “everything is gone, the thousands of photos I took, from the family, from our trips, all my digital research, all the archives of my paintings and digital files, all the texts, everything”. There is so much information in such a tiny space, I realized it is possible I am too confident about the computer’s ability to keep everything forever!

Right now I cannot put any picture from my camera on the computer because it does not see the device. I only have access to the images I put online through Photobucket… and the photos that are in the recycle bin of my computer! So I went there and I found photos I deleted a long time ago.

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