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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A day at the beach

Shimmering waves, runners, surfers (the beginners and the more experienced), the umbrellas, the seagulls who try to steal some food, the branded clothing, the bikinis, the tattoos and the piercings.

The Scripps pier not far but almost in the fog.
the rescue team cruising all day along the beach in a car and on motorbikes.

The incessant sound of the waves. The piles of seaweeds and kelp. The tide which is coming down. The breeze under the umbrella, the sun scorching the beach just at the limit of the line of grey clouds…

Long boards, short boards, round boards, pointy boards, the ballet of the people going in the ocean and getting out. Lots of boards laying on the beach. The “swim-surf” sign with the yellow and black flag.

Usually I take a lot of pictures at the beach which I use for my images but today I don’t. I “frame” in my head a thousand images.

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