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Monday, July 14, 2008

Regional Show at the San Diego Art Institute

"Landscape (here and there)", 2008, [36"x36"] x2, acrylic on canvas

Yesterday I took my exhibition down at the San Diego Art Institute and packed everything. It was also jury day, in preparation for the next regional show. The juror was
Kinsee Morlan, arts and culture editor at the San Diego City Beat. As usual, a group of artists members came to help. All the paintings, photographs, sculptures which was checked in by the artists for the new regional show had to come out from the stock room and displayed along the wall. Then everything from the previous regional show had to go to the stock room. There are always a lot of pieces to see for the juror.

"Give me truth -2", 2008, 8"x8"
mixed media on wood panel

I am happy Kinsee Morlan selected "Landscape (here and there)" for the regional show and "Give me truth -2" for the one foot show.

On Kinsee's page on the San Diego City Beat, one can read: "Kinsee writes about art, culture and everything in between. Get in touch with her if you're an artist who deserves some recognition, an interesting person with a story to tell or a concerned citizen who wants something to change."
I like that!

Kinsee also writes a very interesting blog filled with brightly colored photos she takes: Stairs to Nowhere, Tijuana Tales.

San Diego Art Institute

Regional Show: July 17 - August 24, 2008
opening reception: Friday, July 25, from 6 to 8pm

1439 El Prado,
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-0011

1 comment:

Tobermory said...

I did see your show today. Originally, I was sad not to see it on one of the days that you would be there, but when I went to see it, I was alone in the room for at least twenty minutes, and I realized I got to be alone with my thoughts and your art and my feelings about your art. It was wonderful, actually, I'm sure you relate, because, as a mother, you are so rarely alone with your thoughts. I have had a very emotional time in the last few months, and the last week has included a catharsis of sorts. Your art truly solidifed and defined it for me. It may not be exactly how you meant your works to reverberate, but it was truly something powerful for me on many levels.

As I moved from piece to piece, I kept thinking, "this is the most powerful image, this is the most moving.". Eventually, I realized they were all incredibly powerful and evocative for me for so many different reasons. I kept expecting the more political ones to have the most impact on me, and someday, that will be the case. But today, it was the pieces that described intimate and surprising relationships that stayed with me the longest. In fact, there is one piece that gripped me so strongly, I would like to talk about buying it, if that doesn't make you uncomfortable.

Anyway, the upshot is today was a really beautiful, happy, powerful, emotional day for me for many reasons that have nothing to do with your artwork. But, your work sort of encapsulated all I felt and really let me accept and explore my emotions. I am going to write a blog post about it, but I wanted to tell you first. I love your work, and I hope to see so much more of it. Because the atmosphere was so serene, I got to sit on the bench and really look at these evocative images and process them for whatever I wanted to make of them. That was a rare and wonderful experience for me.

When I left the art institute, I had a long walk back to my car, and I was so aware of all the personal interactions I saw. There were two women in probably their mid-fifties drinking wine under the trees and listening to organ music. They looked so happy and so worn and so calm. I took comfort in that. I saw a group of young people practicing martial arts. They looked serene, but excited, and dedicated. I was inspired. I saw a drum circle with joyful, uninhibited dancers. I was excited and envious. But it was all happy. And today, for me, your art was the center of my inspiration.