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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cocked! at Seminal Projects

Cocked! the entrance of the gallery

Owen Mundy, Targets (1,2,3), tar par, grease pencil, paint

The moon was big and orange above the town when I took Interstate 5 to go see "Cocked!" at Seminal Project the night of the opening. "Cocked! The possessed male: object and desire, Art and the masculine evolution" (what a title!). It was really crowded. I was greated by the "golden boy"silent and almost motionless, on a high pedestal at the entrance pf the gallery. I recognized right away some students' pieces from MFA 08, which just ended at UCSD gallery. Works on paper by Owen Mundy (the titles changed slightly between MFA 08 and now) and Dean Deane, also the photographs of the young boys in Ocotillo by Scott Horsley.

Seth Augustine, The Man who's arm exploded,
latex rubber, foam, steel, hardware.

I had a great time talking to people there. I had the pleasure to meet Iana Quesnell whose work I really enjoy and Stephen Hepworth, curator of UCSD's gallery. I also talked to Mary-Catherine Ferguson and Olivia Luther, director and curator, respectively, of the Museum of the California Center for the Arts in Escondido, enthousiastic and curious.

Zuri Waters, Untitled, MDF, halftone print, paint, shirt, corduroy. On the paper is written: "Sooner or later everyone will find out what an asshole you really are"

Zuri Waters, as one of the featured artists was there too, and I talked to him while he was standing not far from his untitled piece.

Craig Kane, untitled (Tits), ceramic, felt, gold thread

Craig Kane, who had an exhibition at Spacecraft a few months ago, has two pieces in the exhibition, the smallest of them all: a little opened chest with a female torso inside. His other piece is in the adjacent room, a super tiny man with a giant golden sex.

Seth Augustine, Perfection, digital cibachrome

"Cocked" presents a lot of pieces. It contrasts a lot with the previous one "Lael Corbin: Remodel", which I saw. I did not talk about it in the blog. I guess it was kind of too late. I saw it in the last days. With a title like "Cocked", I was expecting to be surprised and the exhibition is, all in all, rather tame.

"Lael Corbin: Remodel", entrance of the gallery.

"Lael Corbin: Remodel", one of the room inside the gallery.

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