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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Garage Gallery

Garage Gallery in Alabama Street

Drawings from across the country by: Tony Bradley, DeDe Harter, Richard Reyes, Janet Marie, Alex Rheault, Maura Vazakas, Karen Akamine, Jodie Hays, Sean Smuda.

In pitch black Alabama Street, off Adams Avenue, I find Garage Gallery, the only spot of light in the neighborhood. The image of the open garage on the street is like a small theatrical scene. It is the first time I come here. I found the event in Art as Authority’s blog.

All the drawings are push pinned on the walls, and they are all made on white paper. So the feeling is very white indeed. After a tour (we are in a garage, it is short!), I go back to see the nine pencil drawings by Tony A. Bradley, and next to them, the large drawing of a bear in a suit partially hidden behind the trunk of a thin tree, by Richard T. Reyes. Both works go well together although they have nothing in common as far as content.

GMN Projects

On the opposite wall I find the series of drawings intriguing, and then I read the label:
“GMN Projects
GMN projects are an anonymous collective of citizens that work in a collaborative of form to intervene social suppressed situations. This installation is based on an intervention that happen at the St Vincent’s shelter in San Diego. The drawings (figure studies and children drawings) were left behind by the residents due to various reasons, one namely of having minimum storage space for personal items. The story on the six panels (second from bottom) narrative is a true outcome of the intervention.”

I meet Larry Caveney and his wife, the owners of the Garage and of the house above, very enthusiastic people!

Garage Gallery
4141 Alabama Street
San Diego, California 92104

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